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We Manage Your Orders For Last Mile Delivery

And Help you and your customer to keep a track of order delivery status and delivery notifications to keep updated with less hassle.

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Key features

We Help you to Manage Your Last Mile Delivery By


View your order delivery status analytics into a single dashboard.


View all orders, details, and status. Manage orders auto fulfillment.


Create Warehouse to segregate orders shipments and assign to the members.


Send email notifications to customers and keep updated with the delivery status.


Scrollengine: Local Delivery?

This is simply the fact that that last mile is usually the most expensive part of the process — often costing more than half of overall shipping costs.

Scrollengine: Local Delivery help merchants to manage warehouses, users, and delivery status of the order with different level of access Admin, Manager and Delivery executive and auto-assignment.

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Full Controll With Ease

  • Shopify Theme | User Friendly

  • Manage Multiple Warehouses

  • Route Planner

  • Send Delivery Notifications

  • Order Delivery Status Updates

App features

Easy Process with Less Tracking

When you are distributing goods to fulfillment centers or supply chain partners, you don’t have to worry about failed deliveries.But When you are delivering products to the final customer, however, failed deliveries are a massive part of the equation. Local delivery can solve all of these problems and optimise the process.

Customer satisfaction

Customer don't need to worry about their orders, They can see and track the orders in real-time.

Proof of Delivery

Uploading photos and collecting e-signature from customers makes tracking easy

Planned Route

Admin created optimal delivery route for delivery executives to optimise the whole process

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Delivery Status Update

Delivery Partner can update the order delivery status directly to keep the customer updated with current the status.

Customer Notifications

Send notifications to the customer to let them know about their order delivery status and availability.

Delivery History Timeline

Customers and Admin both can track the order status update using status timeline and reduce hassle.

Start Managing your Orders Delivery Status with Partner App

If you don’t optimize your process, inefficiencies can lead to prohibitive costs — driving your overhead through the roof and cutting into your business’ profits. Nowadays apps becomes an important part of life, as it provides you have the ease of accessing the information at your fingertips. Try our delivery manager partner app for delivery executives to update order delivery status.

Our Pricing Package

Choose Your Best One As Per Your Business Need

The essence of the last mile problem — more stops mean more complex routes, more idle time, and more time on the road. Choose a plan to manage your order's delivery as per your business need and make it more efficient and save your extra expenses.
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  • 300 Shipment allowed
  • Create 5 Users
  • Create 5 Location
  • Create 40 Routes
  • No Custom rules available
  • Email Notification
  • No Email Customization
  • Tracking URL
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  • 1500 Shipment allowed
  • Create 100 Users
  • Create 150 Location
  • Create 300 Routes
  • Custom rules available
  • Email Notification
  • Email Customization
  • Tracking URL
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Partner's App Preview

Delivery Partners can check all orders assigned to them, update the orders delivery status, and check with their daily assigned orders.

You just need an online store on Shopify and Install the app, and configure it. You can install the app from here: Scrollengine: Local Delivery

We do also provide custome setup with other platfrom as well, such as Wordpress, Magento, Wix and many more. Feel free to write an email with your requiredment and send it to:, Or Submit a requiest in contact us from.

Scrollengine Local Delivery is pretty much easy to setup, You don't need to worry about it. Our support is available all time. Just drop us an email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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